Immortelle or “Everlasting” oil made from the distilled flowers of the Helichrysum Italian herb family is a fantastic regenerative oil that is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and a deeply de-stressing and relaxing oil.  It has a heady honey-like aroma and is useful for relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress related nervous exhaustion.

Immortelle oil is also a real winter remedy oil. 

It has antispasmodic properties which are very useful for relieving asthma symptoms and may ward off persistent cough symptoms at this wintery time of year.  It can work as a sinusitis and catarrh decongestant if they are stress or allergy related. It has demonstrated anti-bacterial properties as well and is good for use as a treatment for topical burns, joint swellings or cuts and grazes.

It blends well with chamomile, lavender and geranium.


Facial oil:  Mix 6 drops of immortelle in calendula oil for a rich flavonoid full facial oil boasting antioxidant properties from the calendula against damaging free radicals in the skin.

Diffuser:  3-4 drops creates a relaxing atmosphere when used in a diffuser.

Inhalation:  8-10 drops in a bowl of hot water covered with a towel for steam inhalation (be careful not to burn your face in the steam) can eases stuffy, congested airways.

NOTE:  Asthmatics and those with breathing difficulty/ lung conditions should not use the inhalation method.