Positivity vs Negativity:

When you spend time with supportive, caring and encouraging people it's a mood booster.  You can share parts of your real self, vulnerable and yet feel safe in the knowledge that the people you're sharing things with have your best interests at heart.  That they want the best outcome for you and are genuinely happy to celebrate you with them when it happens. 

Knowing there are these support networks in your life have many health and mental well-being benefits.  These are relationships to be cherished and nurtured as they are life affirming and that feels good. 

Like a fountain that showers you cool on a hot, sunny day these people are refreshing and invigorating to be around - Fountain people.


When you spend time with critical, dismissive, diminishing people then it can leave you feeling unsafe, criticised, watchful and suspicious.  Is it really possible that someone that cares for you would make jokes at your expense, rush over your discussions to talk about their own agenda or compete unnecessarily. 

This behaviour can leave that nagging feeling of "Is it me?" or the disquietening feeling that the other person cares more for their own story than celebrating yours. This behaviour can unsettle and unnerve even a quietly confident person. When people in your life can't celebrate your success, belittle the achievements or use your story to bolster their own then this can be a real mood drain. 

In the same way that a storm drain can swallow gallons of water a minute, being around people who drain you of vitality, energy and can't celebrate your success with you are not a healthy influence in your life - Drain people.


We all have choice in life and are you going to have drain or fountain people in your life?